Control the device experience

For OEMs

Give customers everything they want in a new device, while reducing software SKUs and saving on production costs. Aura gives OEMs complete over-the-air control for device interface and content customization.
Customize the device at every touchpoint
Device preset

Get personal and preset devices with handpicked apps, folders, widgets, wallpapers, and more.


Empower customers to personalize their devices by letting them choose their own content, apps, and services during the device setup process.


Re-engage customers down the line with contextual content experiences based on real-time data and triggers.

Customize every
device touchpoint

Customize over the air

Reduce costs by enabling single SKU customization for opcos, retailers, enterprise sales, and more – all within a unified device customization center and completely over-the-air.

Generate new revenue streams

Grow your revenue by offering customers relevant recommendations for apps, content, and services powered by ironSource’s pool of premium advertisers.

Localize any and all devices

Localize the device experience with country-specific apps, content and interfaces and get support for more than 80 languages.

Access unprecedented data

Access deep data insights for optimal user engagement and device churn reduction.

Aura is an ironSource company.
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