Bring your device to life

For carriers

Keep the excitement of a new device going. Empower your customers to personalize their device experience by providing them with relevant content, apps and services during device preset, onboarding, and throughout the lifecycle of the device.
Device preset

Customize devices from the get-go with preset apps, dynamic folder widgets, wallpapers, and more.


Give customers the option to select and install their own content, apps and services during the device setup process.


Re-engage customers throughout the device lifecycle with contextual content experiences based on real-time data and triggers.

Aura for carriers

See how Aura helps device carriers engage customers across every touchpoint

Let’s get personal

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction

Enrich the value you provide your customers by allowing them to discover relevant content, apps, and services they’ll actually enjoy, throughout the lifecycle of the device.

Create a unified experience

The Aura platform provides a single framework for device customization. Create and control a unified experience for your customers across device models with the Aura platform, which is integrated with leading OEMs around the world.

Amplify key services

Aura gives you a direct line to your customers and their devices. Promote your key services and encourage customers to use them.

Customize the experience with full control

Manage every aspect of the device experience via the Aura Content Management System, which offers deep data insights for optimal user engagement and churn reduction.

Generate new revenue streams

Grow your revenue by offering customers relevant recommendations for apps, content, and services powered by ironSource’s large pool of premium advertisers.

Aura is an ironSource company.
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